Importance of Social Media Marketing In 2020

Social media marketing is absolutely needed considering the changing business trends. According to the recent survey in digital marketing, India ranks second in its population in the world. Thus, the digital marketing reports say the future of digital marketing lies here and scope of social media marketing is only going to increase.

You must know the Importance of Social Media Marketing In 2020. In this guide, we shall take you through the reasons why you need social media marketing in India, especially from 2020. If you think you are convinced with these reasons, it is time to know how you can implement these in your business.

10 Reasons to understand the Importance of Social Media Marketing In 2020:

  1. Modern marketing over traditional marketing:

The initial days of traditional marketing are gone. Old were those days when marketers believed in door to door marketing and mouth publicity. It is all about one click today! Even people from most rural areas own mobile phones today and rely on internet browsing. With the changing times and current marketing trend, you cannot neglect the importance of the marketing tools of social media.

  1.  Digital media broaden your vision:

Digital media is all about creativity! The social media marketers know exactly what to show, whom to show, and when to show in business. The audience loves to watch everything that is visual and the current marketers know this well. 80% of global traffic relies on social media marketing today. Social marketing tools are not only meant for business owners; from hoteliers to artists and from struggler to successful, everyone is using social media today to prove their existence.

  1. Rise of social media tools:

The rise and demand of social media tools have made it clear that every person needs to have at least few social media tools on the mobile or computer today. IT market has been a boon especially after the virtual and augmented reality experiences. These days, the audience loves to watch their favourite dress on a model at first before buying it. There is a lot that VR and AR advertising can speak as these add volumes to the visuals.

  1. Facing global markets:

Everyone today is following the same slogan; ‘Turn digital and run global’. It is a fact! Only a digital marketing tool can make you run global. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest has potential to reach massive global audience. It brings huge connect with global customers right from a small mobile screen. In India, even small scale business entrepreneurs are doing business with target audience based in US. So you can imagine how easy it has become to face global market through social media tools.

  1. Digital marketing courses:

Oodles of institutes are introducing various courses to explain the Importance of Social Media Marketing In 2020. The courses train everything from the scratch till advanced level. Even the universities are offering certified courses on digital marketing programs. The courses include, branding, advertising, creative designing, and marketing. Such courses have helped to promote self-started business or find a good position in top firms as social media marketing head.

  1. Affordable and convenient methodology:

Compared to the traditional marketing, digital marketing is way affordable and convenient. Instead of personally attending the trade fairs and spending money on travel at one place, you can reach various places without traveling through social media! For instance, a simple ad on Facebook costs just about INR40 per day and its average cost per click comes down to INR 0.52 on an average. Many emerged and emerging industries have switched their entire business into e-commerce and relying on social media marketing tools for their business promotions.

  1. Increasing internet users:

The number of internet users has drastically increased in the recent years and thus, there is a great demand of social media marketing. It means people are heavily relying on social media for browsing and buying stuff. Social media has become an essential part of business today, especially for any start-up to stand strong.

  1. Product search and survey:

You have spent thousands and lakhs on creating an ad for your product launch; then you will furthermore spend other thousands to hire someone and ask people about their feedback. Why spend so much when you can do all of these in one social media tool? Let your customers see the ad at first, respond to it, and then provide their reviews over the ad. It will help you to modify the changes on the final product based on the feedback received and then proceed with the launch of the product.

Start preparing yours as well as your business’s future with a good social media marketing training. For any queries and concerns, you may reach your nearest social media marketing centre and get your doubts clarified.